About Boot Ventures

We are a startup studio and seed stage venture capital company based in Brussels that focuses on solving real-world problems with technology.

What We Do

Bootstrapping Technology Companies

As the name "Boot Ventures" indicates, our main activity is to bootstrap ventures. This, meaning a continually improved lean building process that allows the shipping of products at a fast pace.

As of today, we're starting with a very small team and plan to create a new product each quarter. We build products based on problems worth pursuing, where we try to solve these problems with our team's expertise and passion for technology. In fact, the one common denominator for all our startups is the elimination of inefficiency through technology.

Investing in Startups

Boot Ventures loves entrepreneurs working on opportunities that create value. We can fund early-stage startups (up to €25.000) and guide founders towards product-market-fit with our lean building techniques we've acquired throughout the years.

Who We Are

We're a team of technology entrepreneurs in Europe and the US who're focused on solving problems rather than building ideas.

Founding Partners

Laurent Van Winckel

Laurent Van Winckel

Brussels, Belgium

Prameya Bhandari

Prameya Bhandari

Washington, D.C.

The areas we're most interested in and where we believe contain big opportunities for the next decade:

Current Areas of Focus

Machine Learning + Big Data

With maturing technologies for machine learning and storing big data, the time is ripe to blend these together to learn patterns and predict unknowns based on what we've found in the past.

Ethical & environmental concerns

For certain issues, people need awareness and a push in their back for things to change for the better. We're glad to help for issues we really believe are worth fighting for.

Clean Transportation

We're eager to see clean and new modes of transportation that will help us get to our destinations faster than ever before.

Internet of Things

We're headed to a world where everyday objects become intelligent and help improve people's lives in so many ways.

Enterprise Apps

As the enterprise slowly shifts to a cloud and mobile-enabled world, many opportunities awaits startups to help the enterprise get on board and offer new ways to work with the sensors mobile phones provide.

Lifestyle Automation

In life, time really is money, and a major source of time is spent on home and family tasks. Intelligent personal agents and mobile-device-enabled communication and collaboration infrastructure can truly optimize consumers' lives.

In case you're interested in what we do, we're always looking for new partners to join our team, and also offer internships (i.e. training). You can drop us a line at [email protected].